Mike Ruff GW Editor-‘Garage Wire

Bosch explains important roles of fuel, oil, air and cabin filters

If a vehicle’s filters are not replaced in due time, the consequences can be unpleasant, Bosch has warned vehicle owners.

Fuel, oil, air and cabin filters protect the engine, the injection system and the occupants.

To fulfill their tasks reliably they need to be replaced regularly and in line with the replacement intervals specified by the manufacturers.

A Bosch spokesperson said: “Products of premium quality provide maximum safety, and therefore it is important to install high-quality filters.

“This is due to high-quality materials, thorough processing and stringent product tests complying with the same standards applied for OE parts.”

Fuel filters

Fuel filters protect the injection system.

They reliably separate particles and water from fuel and contribute to optimum engine performance.

Bosch said: “If the fuel filter gets clogged, the fuel supply can be affected negatively, which can cause a loss power and engine standstill.

“The fuel pump can also be overstressed by excessive strains acting on it – which can even cause short circuits.”

Oil filters

Oil filters remove soot and metal particles from engine oil.

Bosch said: “A clogged oil filter can lead to a lack of reliable engine lubrication, which can cause premature engine wear and damage, as well as reduced engine performance and increased oil consumption.”

Air filters

Air filters clean the intake air used for the combustion to protect engine
components downstream against dirt and damages.

Bosch said: “A clogged air filter can cause increased fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

“It can even cause a loss of engine power.”

Cabin filters

Cabin filters ensure clean and pleasant air inside the vehicle.

In addition, Bosch FILTER+ also provides both an anti-allergic and anti-bacterial effect.

Bosch said: “If cabin filters get clogged, the windows and windscreen can fog up much faster and reduce visibility.

“Increased pollutant and pollen concentration within the cabin can reduce the power of concentration and cause allergic reactions.

“Deposits on the evaporator can result in reduced air conditioning performance.”

Bosch recommends replacing cabin filters once a year or every 15000km, and to always abide by the manufacturer specifications with regards to filter replacements.

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