Published: 18 October 2018

Market leaders in Filtration

All filters have the same primary purpose. They are used to keep unwanted debris and other material out of the working parts of the engine. Any material not caught by a filter can potentially damage the engine and, at the very least, compromise its efficiency.

Within the engine, there are three important filters designed to prevent debris from entering the engine along with the media that needs to go into it.

In many cases, filters are small and inexpensive but, in common with anything to do with regular maintenance, servicing them is vital. Each engine will come with its own schedule of how often they need to be changed, based either on running hours or the length of time since the last change.

Progressive decline

The results of not changing the filter on a regular basis are first seen in poor engine performance. This a progressive path.

Eventually, unchanged filters will fail and the substances you have been trying to keep out of the engine will enter it, causing damage that will cost many times the sums you may have saved by not changing the filter.

Filters fit into three broad categories:

  • Air filters keep the air entering the piston as clean as possible. This is important in the combustion process because you need to gain the maximum power output from every compression cycle, and especially important where dust and grit is in the atmosphere, such as quarries and enclosed spaces
  • Fuel filters work in a similar way. They ensure that the diesel fuel coming into the engine is free of contaminants. This is especially important when your machinery is operating remotely in sites where it cannot meet forecourt standards of cleanliness
  • Oil filters work within a closed circuit of the oil in your engine. They trap any unwanted particles in a fine mesh that still has enough space to allow the rest of the oil to flow unimpeded.

Parker Racor

The Racor range is internationally recognised as a market leader in filtration.

Since 1969, Racor have been producing filtration systems for fuel, air, oil and coolant. As an official distributor for Parker Racor, ASAP Supplies hold the largest stock of Racor fuel filters and CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation) filters, elements and spares in the UK.

While ‘on engine’; filters can filter down to 5 microns (5 millionth of a meter) and give excellent protection to the engine, they are not always positioned in an easily accessible place and can be expensive to replace. Marine fuel is well known for its varying quality.

Putting marine diesel through an engine filter could block it rapidly and lead to filter bypass and engine damage.

Racor’s filtration media is designed to give excellent filtration and value. With filtration down to 2 microns and water repellent elements, you get virtually no water or particulate entering your engine. Replacing a Racor element is much easier and cost effective than replacing ‘on engine’ filters and you get piece of mind that your engine is protected at all times.

We work very closely with Parker to make sure that we have the right range of products in stock to suit your needs.


Delphi has the latest filters. They put more than 200 filters all in one place. And they are fitted as OE to the world’s best-known car and light duty vehicles.

Their filters are made with the latest design technology.

  • The latest, patented design technology
  • High efficiency, multi-layer media
  • Meets ISO durability, water separation and efficiency standards
  • Extended range for common rail diesel injection
  • Common rail filters remove particles as small as 2 microns

Fuel Manager

Versatile Fuel Filtration

Today’s fuel filtration and water separation demands high efficiency with multi-function, flexibility and ease of use without the risk of fuel spills or contaminated parts.

The Fuel Manager range of combination fuel filters / water separators meet these demanding requirements.

Specified by leading OEMS DIRTY FUEL CLEAN FUEL Over 100 OEMs Specify Fuel Manager Systems for their engines and equipment.

Fuel Manager is available for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and agricultural, industrial, construction and marine applications.




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