FuelBright Overview

Published: 18 October 2018

If fuel is the lifeblood of your engine, then the fuel injection system is the beating heart. Modern engines are sophisticate. 

Driven by the need for lower emissions, fuel injection systems now cope with much higher pressures, temperatures and voltages. This gives the user a cleaner, more efficient and more powerful machine.None of these systems work to their full potential if the fuel in the tank is not of the highest quality.

FuelBright additives have been developed using over forty years of experience in the fuel injection industry. They have been tested in real working environments, and data regarding this can be made available. Our Complete Fuel Treatment diesel additive range will optimise the performance and efficiency of your engine.

By increasing the cetane rating of your fuel you enable a more complete burn of your fuel in the cylinder. The benefit is more power, better starting and reduced emissions. The additive will work to remove carbon deposits from your cylinder valves and injector nozzles. It will also clean tanks and fuel lines preventing organic growth.

As a concentrated lubricant, the additive will coat your moving components, preventing wear and reducing future expensive maintenance. The additive will lower your cold pour point giving you winter protection by preventing the fuel from waxing in extremely low temperatures. In short, our Diesel Additive range, will save you money by making your engine more economical and extend the life with reduced wear.

Seasonally used engines, like pleasure boats and agricultural equipment, often suffer with organic growth in their fuel tanks. This occurs when engines are not used regularly allowing bacteria to grow.

This growth can severely damage expensive fuel systems on start-up if tanks and lines are not fully cleaned. 

FuelBright Diesel Biocide will destroy any in-tank growth, cleaning the tank and lines, allowing the debris to be collected by your fuel filter.

This product is only for professional use.

After cleaning we recommend you use one of our complete treatment diesel fuel additives for prevention in future and to obtain the benefits list above.

For further information visit: https://www.thomasgroupltd.co.uk/fuel-bright/



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