Air Conditioning

Published: 16 October 2018

Whether you are using your car for work or leisure, your comfort is very important. No one wants to arrive at an important meeting or function unpleasantly hot and bothered.

You also want your air to be filtered and clean to help reduce breathing in pollution and soothing allergies like hay fever. For this regular change of your cabin/pollen filter is necessary. It is also important to clean the system professionally. Micro bacterial growth can establish itself; the symptom is usually a bad smell. Breathing this can make you ill.

Book an Air Conditioning service for only £65

Our service includes:

  • Recovery of refrigerant. Removing air & moisture from the system.
  • Checking refrigerant amount and refilling as per vehicle specification.
  • Adding system oil and leak dye if required.
  • Visual inspection, cooling temperature and leak checks.
  • Test operation of air conditioning system.

Our engineers are all trained by Brain Bee Automotive the manufactures of the test equipment in use. IMI gas handling certification completed.

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