Vehicle Repair

We specialise in the diagnosing, repair and servicing of fuel injection and engine systems. This includes Diesel, Pi, GDi and modern electrical hybrid systems. Our Workshop is a Bosch Approved Centre and as such is regularly inspected and our equipment calibrated to ensure high standards.

Our workshop uses only quality replacement parts. The replaced parts can be retained for your inspection upon request. All work can be quoted and carried out subject to your approval and reports can be generated for the customer or any third parties for warranty purposes.

Vehicle Repair


Customer Service

Modern vehicles and technologies are evolving fast. It is essential that you use a workshop that understands this and they update their knowledge to take care of current systems and processes.

The customers are the most important part of our business and your feedback is always important to us. We always look to improve.

We like to take the time to explain what needs doing and why, so you have a full understanding of all cost implications.