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Thomas Additive produces a range of specialist fuel additives:-  Petrol/Gasoline, Diesel and other variations including biofuel and thin fuels. Our additives are subject to stringent testing and results are available upon request.


Additives are used for specific purposes across a wide range of industries including:-

Automotive • Truck • Agriculture • Industrial • Power generation • Marine • Rail

Each of these industries has different issues and different requirements. For instance, you may be looking to reduce maintenance, clean carbon deposits and lacquering, gain power, reduce emissions, eliminate organic growth, or perhaps help with water in fuel issues.

We can take care of all of the above issues relating to safety, transportation, taxation and languages.

Thomas’s can also supply to your choice of warehouse for distribution, or drop ship to your customers.

Currently in range we have the following additives (Click the illustration for specific product information)

You can buy from us in different ways


Fuel Bright

Fuel Bright is our home brand. This product can be brought from us “off-the-shelf”. It is ideal for your own private use or for reselling.

We can help with point of sale material and sales literature, targeted to your marketplace, to encourage impulse buying. The best sizes and treat rates to gain optimum benefits from the additives can be adapted to your customers specific requirements.

Private label

Private label is where you make the decisions to maximise the potential of sales through your own distribution network.

By creating your own private label brand, you’re able to control the quality, style, and feel of your own brand better than if you were selling a generic product.

You can choose packaging, labels, branding and sizes and the best products to suit your market. The products will be customised to your needs and personalised to your branding, giving you a professional and profitable resale range.

To discuss further please call Thomas Group on: 01233 642816

Visit our web shop (Diesel Parts Direct)

With today’s high fuel prices and the precision of modern vehicles and machinery, ensuring the quality of your fuel has never been more important. The products in the FuelBright range have been specifically designed to help you get the most from your fuel.

If fuel is the lifeblood of your engine, then the fuel injection system is the beating heart.

Modern engines are sophisticated. Driven by the need for lower emissions, fuel injection systems now cope with much higher pressures, temperatures and voltages. This gives the user a cleaner, more efficient and more powerful machine.

None of these systems work to their full potential if the fuel in the tank is not of the highest quality.

Thomas Additives have been created using over forty years of experience in the fuel injection industry. The have been tested in real working environments, data on this can be made available.

Our Complete Fuel Treatment diesel additive range will optimise the performance and efficiency of your engine. By increasing the cetane rating of your fuel you enable a more complete burn of your fuel in the cylinder. The benefit is more power, better starting and reduced emissions.

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