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We have stocks of parts and pumps that may be just what you need and we have good contacts around the world to helps us find what we don’t have. 

Thomas Classic

Thomas Classic have expertise gained over 40 plus years. With diesel engines and diesel fuel injection having been around a long time, our experience, knowledge, workshop and warehouse can help you with all of your classic engine needs.

Many names from the past no longer exist as trading companies and their parts and complete units become harder and harder to find. A lot of these engines are still running in agricultural machinery, buses, lorries and stationary applications like gen sets. Some examples from history are Gardner, Simms, Roosa Master, Sigma, Friedmann and Maier, Lucas CAV, AMBAC, Diesel Kiki etc.

We have stocks of parts and pumps that may be just what you need and we have good contacts around the world to helps us find what we don’t have. Also, we have a lot of technical information, parts manuals and test data that is now invaluable.

We have a very modern fuel injection workshop with some experienced technicians that can often put together what you need from core pumps and injectors, or service your old unit.

Everything we send out is fully tested and warranted.

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Wakefield Council to trial autonomous fuel dosing using Diesel 1000-Latest update After six months of continually dosing 6 bulk storage sites equating to 600,000 litres of fuel and gaining continued improvements in maintenance, fuel usage and emissions. Newton Bar has been selected for automated dosing of Diesel 1000 fuel additive, this will be fully integrated […]


Avoid winter engine trouble

Ignition challenges Winter conditions can have a real impact on a vehicle’s performance. It’s important to make sure that your car is prepared for the challenge – after all, no-one wants to be left stranded with a broken-down vehicle in the cold. Read on for advice on how to make sure your car starts every […]


Delphi Technologies will present a range of innovative service opportunities for the aftermarket at this year’s Motortec Automechanika Madrid

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We are the only diesel workshop able to do this in the UK.

When you need to have your Yanmar Eco pump serviced it is vital to have the vehicle ECU re-programmed with the new fuel pump settings to keep the emissions, performance and operating correct to original specifications. We will re-programme your ECU free of charge with every pump service. Just put it in with the pump […]

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