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Under Pressure: Part 1 of the diesel injection evolution

Two of the largest gains of diesel injection development throughout the years have been electronic control and higher injection pressures. The greater the injection pressure, the more finely both the injector and injection nozzle will be constructed giving a droplet less gas like injection mixture. This improves atomisation and results in a better air-fuel mixture, […]

How to Protect Your Engine with Filtration in the Truck and Mobile Aftermarket

Regardless of how much care is imparted, fuel contamination such as dirt or water will always find its way into any fuel system. Unfortunately, because the latest diesel engines offer fuel injection pressures exceeding 2000 bar along with micron-level injector tolerances, even the tiniest amount of dirt or water is certain to create problems. In high-pressure […]

Glow plugs and emissions: your questions answered

Governments, drivers and automotive manufacturers are more aware than ever before of the need to reduce vehicle emissions. We are still some time away from the widespread adoption of zero-emissions vehicles – but in the meantime, action can be taken to ensure the engines we are using are as efficient as possible. This article investigates […]

Avoiding servicing over cost fears is “alarming”

Half of UK drivers worry about unexpected car bills Millions of motorists are avoiding car maintenance over fears of unexpected problems, with many admitting that they avoid getting their car serviced in case vehicle faults are found. Around half of UK drivers (47 per cent) worry about having to pay for unexpected car repairs. The […]

DENSO discusses oxygen sensors in latest video

One of the most important elements within modern engine management systems. DENSO has released a video which explains the vital job in managing emissions and performance that oxygen sensors fulfil. Vehicle manufacturers must adhere to stricter emissions targets, and the sensors themselves allow the engine control unit to perform a growing list of tasks. Oxygen […]

Thomas Injection-Delphi Eco-fix injector repair

By Graham Williams, Workshop Manager, Thomas Injection Vehicles covered:  All that use Delphi injectors but particularly Renault 1.5, Ford Mondeo, Jaguar, Kia. Fault:  Long cranking periods when engine cold. Fords will reduce power and light engine  malfunction lamp under load e.g. accelerating uphill or overtaking. Switching off and then back on will bring back normal […]

ISO Standard

Thomas’ Group are delighted to be re-certified to ISO standard. “We work hard to manage our quality systems to maintain in-house efficiency. This enables the best possible service and aftercare to our customers. However we are always looking to improve and constructive comments from customers and suppliers are always welcome“ Neil Eldridge (Company Director)

Delphi Technologies releases 2019-2020 worldwide emissions standards booklet for passenger cars and light duty vehicles

Delphi Technologies releases 2019-2020 worldwide emissions standards booklet for passenger cars and light duty vehicles VIENNA, Austria, May 16, 2019 – Delphi Technologies PLC (NYSE: DLPH), one of the world’s leading providers of vehicle propulsion systems for traditional and electrified light and commercial vehicles, today released its annual worldwide vehicle and motorcycle emissions standards. This booklet […]

GDi-What does it mean

Gasoline direct injection (GDI) is a fuel delivery system in gasoline internal combustion engines. The system represents the very latest technology in fuel injection. It utilises a high-pressure common rail accumulator assembly which injects the fuel mixture directly into the engine’s combustion chambers. GDI systems also gives improved fuel efficiency, higher output power values, no throttle losses, and […]

Some Euro 6 diesel cars are FAILING roadside emissions tests

Article written by Ethan Jupp, MR (Motoring Research) A Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) report suggests a high risk of modern cars failing emissions tests at the side of the road in ultra-low emissions zones (ULEZ), potentially meaning that they shouldn’t be granted ‘free’ access. The issue has been highlighted by Allow Independent Road-testing […]

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